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Add the convenience of electric windows to your car. Kits available in 2- or 4-door packs.

These kits convert manual mechanical window winders to full electric operation. Everything is included, with an array of alternative fittings to make the kits truly universal.

Depending on which security system is also fitted, the windows can automatically close upon arming the security system or be connected to channel two outputs for manual or remote control.

Central Door Locking  System

Central locking motors can be supplied and fitted to suit most makes and models of cars. Most cars only require standard motors, but some older models can require heavy-duty motors. We have both types available, and can advise as to which will best serve your needs.

Central locking is only key operated. We can supply and fit keyless entry kits to enable you to have remote central locking. There are various types of keyless entry kits available, which you can view in store.

Valet® Start System

Add the convenience of remote start to any aftermarket keyless entry or security system that has an auxiliary output. The unit is designed to start fuel-injected, automatic-transmission vehicles. New features include: Diesel Mode; Learn Routine with seven programmable features including new tachometer signal learning or “tachless” operation; and Run Time. Included with the miniature control unit and relay satellite are an additional relay and harness, warning stickers, LED, and hood pin switch.

Universal Transponder Anti-theft Bypass

Bypasses the OEM transponder anti-theft systems found on many newer vehicles, including the new General Motors Pass-key III and Honda Immobilizer systems. Only bypasses factory anti-theft systems during remote starting, keeping the factory system intact at all other times. Requires use of a spare key for the vehicle.

Digital Tilt Sensor

The digital tilt sensor triggers your alarm when the angle of your vehicle changes, such as when a thief tries to steal your tires, or when your car is being towed. The digital sensor updates your car’s tilt angle information every time you set your alarm, so you always get an accurate reading.

Invisibeam® Field Disturbance Sensor

The most effective vehicle-intrusion sensor. This dual-zone radar sensor detects moving high-density objects using RF field-disturbance technology. Ideal for convertibles or any application where zone-intrusion protection is desired. Interfaces directly with optional 516U Vocalarm® module or any Directed Electronics® system offering a multiplex input for perimeter intrusion.

Stinger® DOUBLEGUARD® Shock Sensor

The most effective protection against shock/impact. Uses patented electromagnetic technology to eliminate mechanical parts. Two outputs are provided: the first offers a Warn Away® response on light impact; and the second instantly triggers the alarm on hard impact.

Audio Sensor

Provides pre-entry protection by detecting tampering and breaking of your vehicle’s glass. Reliable CMOS design with remote microphone analyses frequency, intensity and timing of intrusion sounds to eliminate false alarms.

Closed Loop Sensor

Perfect for monitoring auxiliary lights, car covers, trailers, or anything that you might want to trigger the alarm when you disconnect it. It has extremely low current consumption, and its compact transistorised design provides both positive and negative output triggers when the input trigger is disconnected.

Mercury Switch

Heavy-duty waterproof mercury switch protects entry points where conventional switches won’t work. Perfect for hoods, trunks, hatches, camper shell doors and motorcycles.

Micro Magnetic Switch, N/C

The most compact magnetic switch available; adhesive pre-applied, with leads. Normally closed when contacts are apart.

Pulse Timer with SPDT Relay

An adjustable (1 to 90 seconds) timer-controlled 30A relay. Activates with a (+) or (–) trigger input. For temporary circuit connect/disconnect applications.


Automatically activates headlight and parking lights whenever the vehicle is driven in darkness. New daylight running lamp feature allows the safety option of having the headlights on any time the vehicle is driven. Designed also to activate the lights whenever windshield wipers are in use, and can optionally be used with an auxiliary input that is triggered by a channel from a security system or keyless entry. Adjustable turn-off delay. Includes photocell, relays and bypass switch.

Power Window Roll-up Module

Allows operation of two windows in one direction or one motor in two directions. Interfaces with most modular alarms. Great for sunroofs or rear windows.

Boot Release

The easy way to pop your boot when your hands are full. Open your boot via your remote control.

Window Automation System

The 530T window automation system controls the operation of two windows in both directions. The 530T can automatically roll up two power windows when a security system is armed, and will provide “one touch” up-and-down operation for both factory power window switches. The new programmability now accepts (–) switch inputs to make interfacing with European-style, rest-at-ignition window systems simple; and the adjustable sensitivity makes the 530T compatible with most factory power window systems. Windows can also be vented or rolled down completely by remote control, using the auxiliary validity channel of a security system.

VOCALARM® Universal Voice Module

The 516U is a universal voice add-on. It can be programmed to generate voices in English or Spanish, as well as generic or Viper-specific messages. The 516U can also read the siren output of most Directed Electronics systems and will follow the Silent Mode™ protocol. If desired, the unit can be used to generate the Warn Away® message only.

The Voice® Processor

Add voice response to your alarm system. Connects to host system with three-wire data plug. The Voice Processor features 19 different messages to report the security system status, operation, and triggered or invalid zones. Individual messages can be deleted, or replaced by chirps when using a Bitwriter.

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