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Rust Protection

Electronic Rust Protection: Electronic rust prevention is available in many formats. Our Electroshield 1-pad units are available for standard road cars, and we offer a 2-pad option for 4 x 4 applications.

We use and recommend Couplertec units, which are for heavy-duty applications and are available with 1, 2 and 4-pad options for the ultimate in rust protection.

Couplertec Electronic Rustproofing

Couplertec Solutions

Couplertec Solutions
Guaranteed to protect any vehicle from rust!*
750,000+ protection systems installed in vehicles worldwide!
Australian owned and operated manufacturers.
Internationally patented “Capacitive Coupling Technology”.
Surpasses Australian quality and compatibility standards.



  • Latest computerised Capacitive Coupling Technology.
  • Failsafe, self-diagnostic resetting after rectification.
  • Prevents rust damage from stone chips, scratches, etc.
  • Prevents paint oxidising and keeps paint shiny and looking like new.
  • Protects parts that other rustproofing treatments do not reach.
  • Environmentally safe – no toxic chemicals or sprays.
  • Transferable from vehicle to vehicle.
  • Can increase the resale value of your vehicle.
  • Does not affect car warranties.
  • Backed by 10-year vehicle corrosion warranty.
  • Will not interfere with on-board computers, electronics or radios.
  • Australian made and serviced by Australia-wide service centres.


Even though the corrosion protection system is completely effective in preventing rust, its primary mechanism reduces the speed of the electrochemical reactions which result in rust. If your vehicle has any surface damage or areas that are paint free, moisture and/or salt can result in the surface rusting, even if the rust-prevention device is working properly. It’s important that your vehicle is completely painted and free from surface damage for best results.

Prices for electronic rust prevention start at $395 installed.

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