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Our Window Tint Suppliers

We are proud to offer our clients handpicked, high-quality tinting solutions.

All of our tint film suppliers have been awarded the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation, and every installation from Express Tinting comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

We trust and use the window tint suppliers below for all our tinting projects.

3M Window Films are a trusted, recognised brand within the tinting industry, producing quality tinting films for automotive and property window installations. The films never bubble, peel or delaminate, and they come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


LLumar supplies quality window film tinting solutions to over 100 countries worldwide. They are committed to sustainability, supplying products with the environment in mind, as well as helping improve and protect vehicles, offices and houses.


Johnsons Window Films are manufactured in the USA and have been operating for over 35 years. Their motto is “The Truth Is in Our Films”, and they only use the highest-quality raw materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.


Solar Gard Window Films feature a wide selection of window safety films that will prevent dangerous shards if the tinted window is broken. They also offer a range of solar films, as well as graffiti-defence, scratch-protection, decorative and exterior films.


Sunktek specialises in producing technologically advanced window tint products for the home, office and vehicles. Their main commitment is to provide the best-quality, affordable window tint films.