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Darkest Legal Tints start @ $195

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Since 1979, Express Tinting has had the most up-to-date window tinting solutions for your vehicle, car, home or office.

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Our services include:

Our state-of-the-art workshops and training facilities allow us to provide optimum service and understanding of our clients’ needs. We can say this because the job gets done right!

Express Tinting works closely with the major manufacturers to obtain licences and industry training in the latest films and installation techniques.

Full range of Tinting Products & Films in stock at very reasonable cost and prices: BUDGET, MIDRANGE and HIGH PERFORMANCE

Largest range of darkest legal tints for all your vehicle, car, home or office needs.

Lifetime warranty on all of our Tint Films

Your tint won’t:

  • change colour;
  • bubble;
  • peel off; or
  • delaminate,

and if it does, we will replace it free of charge.