Tint for street cars | Darkest Legal Tint

Express Tinting specialises in providing the darkest legal tint for use in your street cars and provides the darkest legal tint in Brisbane and the surrounding areas.

How dark is too dark? Your guide to adding dark tint so your street car has legal tinting

So you’ve decided to have your car windows tinted. Car window tinting is done for a range of reasons. Some people simply like the look of car tinting and others have window tinting added to their car windows for privacy while they are driving down the street. Another reason for car window tinting is for heat protection and protection from the sun’s rays. Whatever the reason you have decided to tint your car windows, you will need to decide how dark you want your window tinting to be. Inevitably the question then becomes how much is too dark? There are legal requirements to window tinting, and compliance with these laws will ensure that you have STREET CAR WINDOW TINTING that is LEGAL in your state.

Darkest Legal Tint

So what is the darkest legal tint you can have? The darkest legal street car window films are 35% visible light transmittance on your front doors and 20% VLT for the back doors & windows. A reputable installer will be able to offer you a range of road-legal window tinting products with different degrees or percentages of tinting. For example, Express Tinting in Brisbane has 12 different T35 window films on offer, allowing you to get your street car legal window tinting done in a way that suits your taste.

For commercial vans and buses, we can go even darker in the back.

If you do choose the darkest legal tint, keep in mind that your window tinting will appear darker or lighter depending on the conditions. Window tinting is not permitted on the windscreen of your car, so if your car is facing the sun, sunlight will stream through into the car, making your window tinting appear lighter. At night your street car window tinting will appear even darker.