Safety & Security Films

At Express Tinting we supply a range of Safety and Security window films which offer practical and cost-efficient solutions.

Safety and Security window films are designed, in the event of glass shattering, to safely contain the glass shards. Glass is an essential element in contemporary architecture, but it carries with it inherent risks.

There are many incidents that can cause glass panes to break, such as:

  • severe storm, cyclone or earthquake activity
  • industrial accidents
  • burglary
  • children or adults colliding with a door or window.

The films are manufactured using single or multiple layers of premium film bonded together to form a heavy-gauge, high-tensile coating. A patented-technology, advanced adhesive is used to affix the film to the glass. This, in combination with the tough film layers, gives these films their impressive impact-energy absorption, glass-fragment retention and extreme penetration-resistance qualities.

Safety Film Benefits

  • Decreases the risk of injury from flying glass.
  • Holds broken shards of glass together.
  • Can bring glass up to Australian Building or Safety Standards
  • May reduce insurance liability.
  • Protection against spontaneous glass failure.

Security Film Benefits

  • Helps resist an unwelcome intrusion.
  • Protects property from theft and vandalism.
  • Strengthens building security.