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Car Tinting – Vehicle Window Tinting

Why get your car tinted at Express Tinting?

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Express Tinting specialises in vehicle window tinting in Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs.

Express Tinting has the largest range of automotive window tints available, and we only use brands backed with quality lifetime warranties. We have tints starting with your Budget films through to Midrange and High Performance.  We tint your windows to the very top, apply tint to your rear screen in one piece, and only ever use the very best products and procedures available to us.

Express Tinting uses leading brands: 

  • to enhance the APPEARANCE of your vehicle;
  • to reduce HEAT;
  • to reduce GLARE; and
  • to block UV RAYS.

Our fully qualified and experienced tint sales staff will happily assist you in choosing the right vehicle tinting film.

Important Notice: Been offered a tint with an unrealistic heat rating? Be cautious of 70–90% heat-rejection claims. Click here for more information.


We not only carry the largest range of darkest legal tints, we also have a variety of more neutral and reflective films. With the variety of shades and colours on offer, you are bound to find a film to add the right aesthetic touch to your car.

Heat Reduction

The solar reduction properties in window films will help reduce the heat transference through the glass of your vehicle. Whether you choose a multi-layered film or sputtered technology, the films will help to block out up to 60% of the heat. This will not only add greater comfort whilst driving, it will greatly improve your car’s fuel efficiency by reducing the strain on your air-conditioning.

Glare Reduction

Window tints will greatly reduce the amount of harmful glare entering your vehicle’s windows. This will improve vision, safety and strain on your eyes.

UV Blockout

The damaging effects of UV rays accelerate the deterioration of your car’s interior, causing carpets, upholstery and trim to fade, split and crack. The UV inhibitors in automotive tints will not only protect the interior of your car, they will also protect your skin by blocking 99.9% of the harmful UV.


Because we use only the highest-quality films with the best adhesives available, we guarantee that when a film is applied to your vehicle it will never bubble, fade or lose optical clarity for your car’s lifetime. By using only fully qualified technicians to apply the film to your vehicle, giving you a full custom fit and one-piece rear screens, we also cover the labour with a full lifetime warranty.

Should you need vehicle window tinting, call now!