Nanoteck Paint Protection for Vehicles

Express Tinting provides Nanoteck paint protection for vehicles in Brisbane.

Nanoteck is a heavy-duty, ceramic, transparent crystal coating that is completely scratch resistant and provides quality protection for outer surfaces.

Why Is Nanoteck Unique?

Nanoteck paint protection doesn’t wash away, and it won’t end up breaking down over time. This covering is permanent, due to it being 100 times thicker than the wax coatings that are traditionally used. Usually, any damage caused would affect the coating, but this durable alternative actually absorbs the damage.

Acidic substances are protected against with Nanoteck. These substances, such as bird droppings, usually cause the coating to dissolve or etch in normal circumstances, but this isn’t the case with Nanoteck. Even after coming into contact with acidic substances, the coating retains its glossy, clean sheen.

The Benefits of Nanoteck Paint Protection

Nanoteck paint protection has a variety of benefits to offer. This substance isn’t only resistant to chemical etching, but its durable surface will reduce scratches and swirl marks. What is more, the coating is hydrophobic, which means that it is not only easy to clean, but it will remain clean for much longer after being washed.

What is Nanoteck?

Nanoteck paint protection is basically a systematic layering of the product that is even more durable and can be utilised on a range of surfaces, including fabric, vinyl and leather.

NanoShield Leather & Vinyl

The NanoShield Leather & Vinyl, when applied to a surface, will render it hydrophobic, as well as protect it from UV rays, which cause a great amount of damage to these surfaces.

Nanoteck Leather & Vinyl forms an acrylic resin on a soft surface, allowing them to become durable, yet retain their flexibility. This layering also works to make the surfaces more resistant to chemicals. With added matting agents, the product is designed to ensure the factory appearance of the materials to which it adheres is retained.


When applied, NanoFab turns fabrics into superhydrophobic materials and can be utilised on carpets, seats and even fabric convertible tops. Any liquid that comes into contact with these surfaces will be repelled.