Taking the Confusion Out of Car Tinting Prices

Google car tinting prices and you are bombarded with an array of price discounts, price savings, price reductions and price discount vouchers on car tinting services. Rarely do you see the words car tinting guarantee or value car tinting. This is understandable because the first question most customers ask is how much is car window tinting? As they don’t have the product knowledge their first question usually relates to price.

What we have found is that consumers are not necessarily looking for the best car tinting prices. What they are really looking for is value. For that reason when we are explaining the price of a particular car tinting product we really try to educate our clients about the benefits of each product and how they can add value to their car and everyday life.

Once our customers become more knowledgeable we find their questions move away from price and focus on more technical questions such as: How much does car tinting reduce glare or how dark can I legally tint my car windows? Other questions then relate to warranty for car tinting services and the quality of the car tinting installation. Our customers have come to appreciate that price is not everything. They would much rather we install their car tinting correctly the first time rather than cut corners so the price is reduced.

For this reason we focus all our tinting services on quality and attention to detail, backing up our service with warranties and great customer service. While we do appreciate price is a major consideration when choosing the right person for your car tinting, our first priority is to provide you with value car tinting. We value our work and we know that you too will come to appreciate the value we create.

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